Corporate Overview

Hess, Hanna & Associates is a business-consulting firm helping clients improve performance by focusing on organizational capabilities and the barriers that prevent organizational performance. Hess, Hanna provides services to public, private and non-profit clients in the areas of strategic and business planning, human capital planning, capability modeling and development, process improvement, budgeting and staffing.


HHA has provided its services to multiple federal and private sector clients for over 11 years. The companys founder, Mr. Darrell Ahne, has over 25 years of relevant and in-depth experience providing human capital planning and strategic planning services to multiple federal and private sector customers. Today HHA consists of seasoned professionals and a stable of independent contractors that provide the ability to surge high level talent for both short and long duration projects to meet our customers needs and demands. Each professional, associate or contractor is hand selected to bring a wealth of experience and expertise to bear. Since its inception, the company has enjoyed success and developed a reputation for delivering high-quality professional services at competitive prices. Associates of HHA bring years of Strategic Planning, Business Planning & Execution, Operations, Organizational Transformation and Human Capital Management experience developed through military, federal government, private sector and non-profit service.

A principle tenet of the HHA approach is an operational model that recognizes that organizations are, at their core, a collection of people and capital investments (facilities and equipment) driven by a common purpose. The HHA approach is to leverage this fundamental organizational truism through direct engagement with a clients key personnel and then to develop capability-focused organizational and strategic models that clarify the relationships between an organizations key elements (skilled personnel, facilities, equipment and processes). Once the relationships between the key elements of capability are highlighted and understood, an organizations leaders can quickly assimilate this new understanding into performance criteria and metrics that can drive systemic improvements across and throughout the organization, highlight areas for productivity improvement initiatives, and/or identify human capital excesses or gaps that require new learning, hiring or other workforce shaping techniques to boost performance.

HHA has served many clients and programs within the federal government including:

  • Navy civilian workforce planning; Civilian Workforce Analysis Division; Manpower, Personnel, Training & Education; Navy Personnel Command
  • Workforce Shaping Program; Strategic Corporate Operations Office; Naval Air Systems Command
  • Naval Aviation Enterprise Total Force Cross Functional Team Support; U.S. Fleet Forces Command; Naval Fleet Readiness Enterprise

Our private sector clients and strategic partners include:

  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • CACI
  • Flatter & Associates
  • Pinnacle Computer Systems Inc